Dance classes

Pavla is certified dance instructor with specialization on oriental belly dance. She is teaching classes for adults of all levels – beginners, eternal beginners :-), intermediate and master class dancers. It is possible to attend group (small or big) classes or private lessons (just one dancer in a dance hall). Pavla places emphasis on the individual approach to every student and the right way of performing of all figures.


„I think it`s important to be aware of clients` needs and wishes – who attends just to stretch the body, who wants to relax in group of women with same hobby, and who wants to give performances and compete.“


Yoga classes

The yoga is the ideal connection of physical activity, relaxation and mindfullness. Pavla is certified yoga instructor. She pays attention on practising asanas right and consciously.


“My goal is safetyness and positive impact on body and mind. In my yoga classes we practice the so-called physio style, which is so important for all of us living to the west from India.”

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